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Mix Of The Day: Z.D.S (Zombie Disco Squad)



House versus techno, an old argument, and in our opinion a pointless one. Good music is good music, whatever category it may fall into. Our exclusive mix today comes from a man who wholeheartedly agrees with this; known for straddling the musical fence, so his grass is always green, we are proud to present Z.D.S!

Otherwise known as Zombie Disco Squad in the off chance you aren’t familiar with Z.D.S allow us to fill you in: whether DJing or producing, the Londoner with the huge personality has long been considered an expert in crafting scrupulous tech-house flavours and few can concoct delicious fare quite like the former Panorama Bar resident. Having forged a reputation out of doing exactly that, and as such, having delivered on a slew of the scene’s most renowned labels to say we were more than a little excited to welcome him to an edition of our Live Transmission series is one of life’s great understatements.

For his latest trick – his ‘Rok Stuff’ EP – he’s turned the heat up to 11 once again and when you’re batting for Zurich’s much-famed label Hive Audio, it’s best that you do.  So after more than impressing us with his last few releases and absolutely smashing his last effort out of the ball-park we thought it was about time we invited the London based selector back to Data Transmission to share a little more of the magic he’s been sprinkling over the scene for the last year with an exclusive mix for our listening pleasures.

So sit back, relax and be absorbed by the dark and mysterious world of Z.D.S


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