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Mix Of The Day: Rennie Foster



Canadian house maestro Rennie Foster has spent a long time in the game now, and considering he’s put his hand to some really excellent productions over the years, it’s no exaggeration to say that his is an underrated talent. His RF Trax imprint has been growing from strength-to-strength of late, a fact that’s about to be underlined by his inbound remix EP, RF Remixed, which sees likeminded artists Claude Young, Butane, Shaun Deason and Mark Archer reshape a number of his well heeled productions.

With previous releases seeing him turning out for imprints such as Rebirth, F-Communications and Synewave, Rennie is a man well versed in bringing the noise and while the definition of the word ‘underground’ has become slightly diluted in recent times, Foster is without doubt somebody who embodies the spirit of what the term once stood for. His latest musical endeavours are testament to the fact as is this mix. Check it out below.

Keith Worthy – Intro – Aesthetic Audio
Dronus – Field Of Vision – RF
Bernie Sanders – Presidential Campaign Announcement
Kevin McPhee – Version 5 – Naked Lunch
Steve Rachmad – Rond – Delsin
Overlast – Alive – Rush Hour
Spin Fidelity – Out Of Soul – RF
Powel – Cloud City – Fina Records
Paul du Lac – Backstreet Boy – Bio Rhythm
Rennie Foster – Grass Roots (Mark Archer Remix) – RF Trax
Rennie Foster – Traders – RF
Tyon – Flaw_18 – Nsyde
Dronus – Field Of Vision – RF
Rennie Foster – The Go Down (Acapella) – RF
Santiago Salazar – 3000 Northend – Finest Blend
J. Garcia – Goslings (Rennie Foster Encryption)- RF
Fundamental Harmonics – Sedna – Lepton Quark
Rennie Foster – The Go Down (Acapella) – RF
Rennie’s ‘RF Remixed’ is out on RF Trax October 5th

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