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Mix Of The Day: Metrist & Divided- Them Birthday Mix



Most 6 year olds mark their birthday by drinking too much fizzy drink, eating too much cake and having a party. Well, esteemed London party starters Them are slightly different to most other 6 year old although they will be having the mother of all parties to celebrate reaching the milestone.  Oh and guess what? You’re invited.

Yes, this April 17th Them are teaming up with our good friends over at Corsica Studios for a night of the very best in underground dance music with Actress, Clouds, Killawatt, Forward Strategy Group, Metrist and Divided all landing in London to to soundtrack the occasion.  Not to be left out, we’ve hooked up with Them to get you in the party mood early with a special back to back mix from UK techno dons Metrist and Divided.

Tickets are available via their event page, in the meantime, sit back and enjoy this exclusive mix. Sing it with us now “Haaappyyy Birrrthhday…”

Bourbonese Qualk – Technophobia
Pablo Mateo – Xzzzyl
Traktor 3000 – White Traktor
Patricia – Spotting
Basic house – Roe
Brian Routh – You can’t be me
Africans with mainframes – Tonkolili
Solvent – Elephant Generators (Chris Carter Remix)
Metrist – Leviathanks
XosaR – Watching Waiting Wanting
Psyche /BFC – Evolution
Third Side meets ND_Baumecker – Retro Vogue
Bandshell – Grifter
Parassela – Plutoniumdealers
El Prevost – Zup
Divided – ???

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