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Mix Of The Day: Kyodai



Today’s exclusive mix is a very special one indeed. Two of Spain’s most loved DJs and producers, Kyodai, have set their sights on world domination and here at Data Transmission we’re more than happy to assist them.

Having paved their way to stardom with releases on Freerange, Local Talk and Exploited they now return to Andre Crom’s Off Recordings imprint to deliver a delectable pair of cuts aimed squarely at the dancefloor.

Titled the ‘Marea’ EP, both the title track and B-side ‘Palma’ are seriously impressive fare and will no doubt be getting plenty of plays as the mercury begins to rise. As gifted in DJ booth as they are in the studio Kyodai have devoted their life to keeping dancefloors across the world moving. May we present exhibit A your honour – this exclusive mix. Enjoy!


01. Kyodai – Palma
02. James Teej – Moonstalker
03. Jimi Jules – Comic Fly
04. S.A.N Feat. Darian Crouse – Lord Knows I Do (Dima Studitsky Remix)
05. Kyodai – Marea
06. Booty Angel Feat. Kid Enigma (Johnjon Remix)
07. Franck Roger -That I Am
08. Dubspeeka – K241Z (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix)
09. Mind Against & Locked Groove – Elysium
10. Yaoundé -Speaking Minds (AEON)


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