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Mix of the Day: Aney F



Innocent music is a record label and party based in the middle of a trade route between the Northern Adriatic Sea and the Danube region – Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Their crew consists of friends Aney F, Uno Taman and Miss Soulfly. For the past 3 years they have been pushing a truly unique and distinct sound based on a dissatisfaction with commercialism and a love of preserving quality, diverse underground music.

With a host of big projects upon the horizon label chief Aney F kindly agreed to take on Todays Mix of the Day and what a mix it is. Enjoy.

1. Coriesu – Flauta De Bambu – Alboratory
2. Mene – Turtle Mind – Moan Recordings
3. Aney F. – City Of Detroit – Innocent Music
4. Sven Jaeger – 014 – Innocent Music – Vinyl Only
5. Eddie Hu – Sick – Innocent Music
6. Lino & Manu – Hyper – Innocent Music
7. Proudly People – Not For Us – Hypergroove
8. Aney F. – 009 – Innocent Music – Vinyl Only
9. Ismael Rivas – Coming Today – Innocent Music
10. Aney F. – Story Of My Life – Innocent Music
11. Lower & OSp – 015 – Innocent Music – Vinyl Only
12. Aney F. – Escape – Innocent Music
13. Mene – Ego Basics


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