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Meli Rodriguez drops her ‘Recess’ EP


The queen of the Costa Rican Techno scene Meli Rodriguez makes her debut for the Mechanikal Techno machine with this all out, full throttle EP entitled ‘Recess’

The title track of the EP is a big, chunky Techno cut. Tight and saturated, the driving percussion and bass patterns open up to a hypnotic and focused melody that delights and excites. A wonderful addition to the Mechanikal machine!

Our premiere, ‘Take it’ is darker in tone with a healthy dose of house vocal thrown in for good measure. Full of movement and groove, ‘take it’ is the sort of driver that doesn’t stop at red lights! A really decent offering by the Latin American sensation.

This EP has the firepower, check out ‘Take It’ below and grab a copy here.