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Matteo Puntar & Meli Rodriguez combine on ‘Crossing Roads’ via Natura Viva


Matteo Puntar was born in Monfalcone a small town in the north-east of Italy. Since he was a kid he always was into EDM and started djing at 13 in clubs near his hometown. After many years djing in the local scene, proposing for the most house music, he started to come closer to the world of underground clubs, at first as a clubber, then offering tech-house and techno tracks in his DJ-sets.

Meli Rodriguez is the 24-year-old DJ / Producer and label owner from San Jose, Costa Rica. Meli is known for performing extremely energetic sets, she will make you dance and sweat with her techno & tech house beats, all night! Keep an eye on her!

Matteo Puntar & Meli Rodriguez combine on the epic tune called “Crossing Roads” via Natura Viva.

Check it out below and grab a copy here.