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Marcal brings his ‘Zero Point’ EP to Liberta Records


Brazil has been a hotbed for techno for some time and finding new rising talent from there is no surprise. If you haven’t heard about Goiânia. Marcal representing the city that is in the heart of the country, rich in culture but also famous for its countryside vibes. 

Helping to build the local scene of Goiania, Marcal’s birthplace, he showcases his unique style in his presentations. Marcal participates actively on parties supported by Nin92wo Records (Alex Justino’s imprint) and events hosted by seroto9, his party collective.

With a raw approach to the craft and championed tracks on Sam Paganini’s JAM and Ramon Tapia‘s Say What record label. Marcal’s music is surely causing waves into the sea of techno, leaving now his mark on Liberta Records.

We premiere Eigengrau for you today, you can grab the whole EP on Beatport.


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