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Manolo. & BOT combine on Box of Cats EP


A power couple is a term we usually use when we see two individuals who are leading the way in a loving relationship. This is a term that can definitely transfer into the music industry when you see two producers who gel seamlessly and complement each other. The said couple is Manolo. & BOT.

If you have been watching the LA scene as of late, you would have seen Manolo’s name popping up quite a bit as he releases his first tracks to the world and DJ sets alike. BOT, a household favourite and THE master of distorting 808’s has been around since we can even remember. Their first time was a track he released in 2005 ‘Marmalade’ which is still on an old hard drive somewhere.

The title track & our premiere today ‘My Face’, shows the full force of this very likely duo. While they fill the ears of every 3 am clubber out there. The b-side, on the other hand, shows their mercy while they bring you home safely with rhythmic patterns and sweet piano.

Check out ‘My Face’ below and grab it here.


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