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Magnetude releases their ‘Snatch/Signals’



Next up on RAM Records, Magnetude drop a two track package ‘Snatch/Signals’, which is bursting at the seams.

The a-side titled ‘Snatch’ tells the story of a bank heist and is a clear indication of the vast range of their production ability as it passes through various different bits of scenery along the way to its final destination. Starting off at an intro seasoned with the flavours of Guy Ritchie’s cult classic, it then pushes you into an attitude laden drumstep buildup before hurling you into a full bodied fist fight loaded with signature RAM traits that pull you in all manner of different directions. The track is broken up tastefully with an unexpected bridge that carries an orchestral vibe with it… Don’t be fooled though, it’s merely giving you a breather before throwing you head first into round 2 (Don’t say we didn’t warn you!).

As for the b-side; well it definitely doesn’t drop the baton. ‘Signals’ reels you in from the word go with a dark and grungy atmosphere that creates an very sinister yet intriguing trail that tempts you down the rabbit hole. It paints the almost manga-like picture of escaping the disturbing human manifestation of being from robotic roots, causing mass carnage and gore in the process. This fast paced, face-twisting weapon comes out of nowhere and doesn’t say sorry as it slams the door shut behind it either; straight from the drop it’s high tempo and catchy vocal hook send you sprinting into the darker depths of enjoyment. This one has peak time crowd-pleaser written all over it!

‘Snatch/Signals’ by Magnetude, out now on RAM Records and contains a fiercely enjoyable pairing of dance floor heaters, guaranteed to cause some some serious damage.

Grab a copy here


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