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Luuk van Dijk releases the highly anticipated ‘Precession’


Following up the successful first EP ‘Suavo‘ which we premiered. Luuk van Dijk releases the highly anticipated ‘Precession’ on his own label Dark Side Of The Sun. Accompanied by an exceptional remix of AJ Christou. The EP has major support by Jamie Jones, this EP is set to be a big one.

Luuk van Dijk is an Amsterdam-based DJ/producer. Born in 1996, Luuk is best known for his house and tech-house sound and started producing electronic music in 2011. Raised in Hilversum by an opera singer and a music teacher, it was inevitable that Luuk would one day become a musician himself. Already an established member of his country’s electronic music scene. Luuk has performed at a range of local and internationally-renowned clubs and club nights in his native Holland, not least Straf_Werk, DGTL, Awakenings, Hyte, Elrow, Knee Deep, Cocoon and Amsterdam Open Air.

Van Dijk, known for his distinctive basslines, provides a solid club track once again. ‘Precession’ has been a regular in his sets for a while now and proves to be fully dance-floor proof. The tight swing, charismatic use of synthesisers and build up to an epic break, make this a classic Van Dijk track.

Check out ‘Precession’ below and grab it here.


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