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Lunacy Sound Division teams up with Terry Francis on ‘Proper Gander’



It’s been quiet on the Cubism front since the 100th release last year but as we emerge blinking into the summer sunshine the label is coming out of hibernation with a string of releases from Lunacy Sound Division, Saytek, and Subk0de maybe with some surprises along the way.

The first is from Mark Gwinnett’s Lunacy Sound Division with ‘Proper Gander’ featuring fabric resident Terry Francis. Terry’s spoken vocal imparts some sound advice narrating the intense percussive rhythm of the jazzy, tech house groove and meandering bass line of the original. Terry has also provided his own version, stripping back the original to create a twisted, cinematic shuffle that will be rocking floors from London to Ibiza this summer.

We premiere the original for you today!

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