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Lucy Announces New Album, ‘Self Mythology’


Lucy Press Pic

Italian techno auteur Lucy has revealed details of his  forthcoming album, ‘Self Mythology’.

Set to drop May 6th via Stroboscopic Artefacts it will be the inimitable producer’s third full length record for his Berlin based outpost and follows on from 2014 effort, ‘Churches Schools And Guns’.

Featuring a number of collaborations with Jon Jacobs, who provided improvised vocals, flute and percussion to the album, the 9 track work references a number of “old legends and fairytales” with the aim being to craft an “intimate audio autobiography of its creators while also referring back to the stories that have shaped human destiny for millennia.”

Arriving on wax, CD and digitally, the album’s release be followed by the launch of a new live show in which Lucy and Jacobs will take to the stage with his brother Ignazio Mortellaro overseeing visual direction.

A1 / 1. Baba Yaga’s Hut
A2 / 2. Dissonance Emancipation
B1 / 3. Vibrations Of A Circular Membrane
B2 / 4. A Selfless Act
B3 / 5. Meetings With Remarkable Entities
C1 / 6. A Millennia Old Adversary
C2 / 7. She-Wolf Night Mourning
D1 / 8. Samsara
D2 / 9. Canticle Of Creatures

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