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Loose Lips Give Away Sixth Compilation


Loose Lips

Alongside weekly radio shows and throwing parties across the country and over the English Channel, Loose Lips also manage to put together a free bi-monthly compilation album. The latest in the series is their sixth instalment in 12 months. As with the previous comps, this one is also a six tracker showcasing the work of six up and comers.

With genre bending, or genre melting even, being the name of the game (as with their radio show and club nights) the compilation offers something for everyone. Featuring works from DT favourites Dempa and Posthuman whilst introducing us to the sounds of Zentex, Nema Signal, Guido Schneider and Grimbit, this is one gift horse you don’t want to look in the mouth.

You can download the collection for free from Loose Lips’ Bandcamp page or stream the compilation in full below.


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