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#LiveTransmission: 5th Day Presents: Ruede Hagelstein & Third Son



Tired of spending your Saturdays being peddled over priced drinks in some soul-sapping bar? Then you’ve come to the right place as we’ve got just what you need to kick off your weekend in style with the latest edition of our new Live Transmission series and we have to say this week’s collaboration with London based party starters 5th Day is an absolute belter.

As time marches on, the audaciously groundbreaking dance music classics from previous decades seem to acquire an aura like arcane broadcasts from another time or, in this case, like alien transmissions beamed in from a distant planet. Whereas cheesy house cash-ins from 1988 onwards can now sound limp and dated, the original blueprints which got ruthlessly plundered and copied have now taken on similar status and ambience to Alan Lomax’s field recordings of blues singers earlier in the last century.

Berlin was already famous for its electronic music scene when Ruede decided to make the move to the German capital back in 2000 but quickly made his mark, forging a fierce reputation both in the booth and the studio as he became an integral member of the city’s Watergate family.

Supporting the legendary Mr. Hagelstein for this weeks transmission will be none other than Third Son who’ll be rummaging through his record box to deliver a performance packed with choice cuts and serious vibes. Broadcasting Saturday July 11th from 8-10pm GMT, trust us when we say you’re not gonna wanna miss this one!


Streaming live from London each week, our Live Transmission will offer up a selection of the best DJs dance music has to offer. To join us Ruede and Third Son sign up for tickets at datatransmissionlive.com and subscribe to our YouTube channel DatatransmissionTV to catch the live stream.

Make sure you visit our partners official website www.5thday.co.uk so you don’t miss out on any of their goings on in the Capital!


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