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Krafty Kuts & Instant Vibes Launch Remix Competition


kraftycomp.jpgSometimes we just get the urge to try something different and listen to something wherein we have no idea what’s coming in next- it’s times like these we turn to certain maverick DJ’s like the undisputed king of breaks: Krafty Kuts. Both as a producer and a DJ we’ve long been admirers of Krafty both for his genre-defying dexterity on the wheels of steel and his unbridled passion for dancefloor hedonism and each style of electronic music.

Thus we were excited to hear that Krafty has opened up one of the tracks from his new album ‘Let’s Ride’ to be given the remix treatment by you guys – the great general public. Entitled ‘Work That Body’ and featuring the vocal talents of Mike G producers everywhere can have a go at remixing the track in whatever style they deem fit as with Krafty there are no genre limits. With a closing date of the July 31st and Krafty Kuts personally picking the winner for a full release via Instant Vibes Records this isn’t one any budding producers want to miss out on!

Check out the details below or go the facebook page for more information by clicking here


Download the parts from Krafty Kuts Facebook and remix the stems in any style you decide, when you are done complete the 3 steps below to submit your entry. 

1. Upload your your finished track to Krafty Kuts drop Box http://soundcloud.com/kraftykuts/dropbox

2. Send an email to [email protected] with your info.

3. Like and share your track on Krafty Kuts Facebook page.


• All 3 steps must be completed for entry to this competition. 

• Winners will be chosen by Krafty Kuts.

• Winning remix will be released by Instant Vibes Records.

• Runners up will win signed Let’s Ride CD’s and T-Shirts. 

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