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King Midas Sound Announce Collaborative Albums



Like with most electronic dance movements, dubstep quickly fell into its own set of clichés, leaving the innovators to take the slow-burn heave into the new pastures it was always supposed to be humping. Renowned for pinning their audiences against the wall with their slow motion aural tidal wave, to say we were impressed with King Midas Sound’s Ninja Tune debut Aroo would be a massive understatement as we we’re blown away by the EP’s “astonishing power and dynamic intensity.”

Returning to Ninja Tune, the outfit comprised of The BugRoger Robinson and Kiki Hitomi have now excitingly announced that they have a series of collaborative albums in the works with Edition 1 featuring Austrian guitarist / electronic musician Fennesz set to arrive September 18th.

Crafted with the intention of creating a “record focused on kaleidoscopic sonic beauty, bathed in the bluest emotional lyricism” KMS have remained tightlipped about who they’ve collaborated with for editions 2-4 but have revealed that they’ll be embarking upon a series of European tour dates which will be announced shortly.

Check out the tracklist for Edition 1 alongside album cut ‘Waves’ below.

On My Mind
Loving or Leaving
Above Water
We Walk Together
Our Love


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