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Justin Martin Announces New Album, ‘Hello Clouds’



All hail the return of the album. Having enjoyed a huge resurgence in recent times, we had high hopes for this year on the extended effort front with a number of our favourite artists announcing they’d be releasing LPs over the course of 2016. But what makes a great album these days? Well for us, it’s a lot more than a collection of big tracks and should serve as a flowing compilation of music that has much time for you daily commute as the dance floor. Thus, it is with considerable excitement that we got our eager hands on ‘Hello Clouds’,  Justin Martin’s second full length album on Dirtybird.

Inviting listeners on a high-flying journey through a rich musical landscape, Martin lets his effervescent personality shine through on thirteen new tracks – along with an unexpected range of emotions. Delivering a set of obsessively crafted tunes for clubs and headphones alike, the album features a number of guest spots from a handpicked group of artists whose work has served to inspire Martin in the past.

“I reached out to specific artists who currently inspire me,” the producer explains, “artists I think the world needs to hear more of.”


Set to arrive April 20th, you can check out ‘Hello Clouds’ full tracklist below.


  1. Dive In
  2. Hello Clouds ft. FEMME
  3. The Feels
  4. Odyssey ft. Lena Cullen
  5. Upcountry
  6. Rabbit Hole ft. Charlotte OC
  7. Be Mine
  8. Back To The Jungle ft. Will Clarke
  9. Tropical Storm Mango
  10. Wet Cat (Sooo Wet) ft. Kill Frenzy & Ardalan
  11. Midnight ft. Christian Martin
  12. U R Here
  13. Hold Them ft. Mohna

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