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Julia Govor launches new label ‘Jujuka’



Julia Govor has announced the launch of her new label ‘Jujuka’.

She began her relationship with music at the age of 6 as a singer in a military band in the small town of Abkhazia. In 2013, she moved to NYC where she actively pursued her production career. The label is the next extension of her progress and launches with the first EP ‘Jujuka 01’ on September 7th.

Jujuka is a multidisciplinary art project & record label that was born from Govor’s personal initiative to write short narratives about the electronic dance scene & the experiences she encountered during her journey inside the Techno industry, as a DJ, producer & of course, a true raver.

Julia is currently touring through Europe at Berlin’s Feel Festival, Grounded Theory, Exit Festival in Serbia, Oshega festival in Canada etc.


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