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Josh Gregg drops his ‘Deadline’ EP on Skream’s Of Unsound Mind


Josh Gregg is to release his ‘Deadline’ EP on Skream’s Of Unsound Mind on 10th May. The package contains three original productions including our premiere ‘Deadline’ and is topped off with a Skream remix of the title track.

Josh Gregg – “The first version of Deadline was an accident that came when I was trying to work with synth harmonies. The melodic parts played off each other well but it didn’t really make sense as a project until I found the vocal, then through that, the whole thing came together within a few days.”

Skream – “Was genuinely so delighted to get my hands on ‘deadline’ and even happier when Josh said he was down for me to do a mix. It was quite a task considering how the original is so added a completely different take on it which when road testing caused quite a storm”