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Joris Voorn Reworks A 1994 Gem By Secret Cinema

Ben Sterling March 20, 2017

Joris Voorn dropped a hot new reworking of Point Blank’s Meng’s Theme, a 1994 classic by fellow Dutch techno stalwart Secret Cinema.

The original is a chugging slab of melodic, atmospheric techno, with hazy layers of pads drenched in reverbs floating above rattling percussion and subtle, sweet melodies. It could be said there’s a touch of the early, restrained trance sound in there too. First released on Brave New World Records and later in remixed forms via Belgian’s legendary R & S Records, and it was one of Verheij’s many pseudonym projects and was released some three years into his career as a producer.

This new version and a remastered original are released on Joris’ own Green imprint. Joris applies his typically considerate touch to the track, drawing out the mood and emotion at the heart of the track and applying it to his cutting-edge sound. The track builds slowly with a tribal groove and a simple two-note bassline as the pads from the original pulse and filter into life.

Check it out below!


Point Blank – ‘Meng’s Theme (Joris Voorn Remix)’ will be released via Green On March 17.