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Jonas Kopp Returns With HHH


jonas kopp

Nearly a decade on since his debut on MindTrip MusicJonas Kopp has announced that he’ll be following up his 2014 album Beyond The Hypnosis for German techno powerhouse Tresor with a new 5 track EP titled HHH for the Berlin imprint.

Over the years, the Argentinian has proved his worth across the spectrum of electronic music. From grooving Chicago house through to driven techno and even ambient pieces (check out his Illian Tape work), Kopp can be neither confined nor fail to impress so to say we’re quite excited to see he deliver more club orientated fare is a bit of an understatement.

Scheduled to arrive August 24th, you can preview the EP below whilst vinyl lovers can pre-order the EP on wax Red Eye Records.


A1: Khaa
A2: Nhan
B1: Hank
B2: Sinstro
Digital Bonus / Nekh

Photo: Camille Blake


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