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JoeySuki release a brand new book ‘Unhappy with a Dream Life’


Artist Coaching’s and EDM DJ JoeySuki who Grahame Farmer met at Amsterdam Dance Event last year to chat about his company, Artist Coaching channel on Youtube and Facebook.

At 27 years old, music is his passion, and he’s lived my dream. As he says ‘I’ve played everywhere in the world, and I’ve seen it all. My network is huge and spread all over the world. But I’m done with it, and I don’t want to be in the spotlight anymore. I want to go back to 2004, and I want to live for a purpose again. I want to play music because I like it and not because ‘I have to’. I quit!’

That’s why he started the Artist Coaching, Today he’s released a brand new ebook ‘Unhappy with a Dream Life’ – an autobiographical story of my life as a professional DJ and music producer.

Joey says “The main reason why I wrote this book is to show people a different ending to a successful artist story. All I want with this book is to create awareness around the fact that mental health is something we need to start taking seriously in this industry.”

You can listen, download or order a paper back here