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Joeski releases his ‘I Want You’ EP on Crosstown Rebels



It’s always a treat to receive a new Joeski production, especially when the New York Chocolate Factory’s main main is on fire, as he is right now.

Joeski had been inspired by a run of listening to early Chicago house and that shows in the deep, machine driven approach of I Want You. Clipped hi-hats, big claps, driving Chicago-eque bass and cut up vocals, by Liberty, propel the shuffley, swung, jackin’ groove to a mid track crescendo of drum rolls and analogue tweaking. This is head-down, strobe-filled, back-room business, large but not for the faint hearted due it’s uncompromising nature. It’s house, it’s techno. It is not tech-house.

Joeski is the producer’s producer and it’s easy to see why technicians would fall in love with this productions. On the face of it they seem quite straight forward but, like most good things, the simplicity is deceiving, the production is actually very defined, complex and sophisticated. There is no better example of this than the Disco Mix of I Want You. Dripping with soul yet raw as hell, delicate and understated yet absolutely thumping, Joeski takes us on a psychedelic deep house journey that is a head down floor worker with dreams of strobe-lit dancefloors and smokey back rooms. It’s difficult know why this works so well, but the groove is solid from the start with repetitive bass, layers of shuffling percussion, ethereal guitars, cut-up vocals and a brilliant wobbly LFO lead. Disco this is not, ball busting house with a bad attitude it is. When the kick drum drops out of the slow burning arrangement and it builds to an LFO wobbly crescendo it’s simply monstrous. Do not expect to reach for the lazers, this is the anti-commercial and all the better for it. My favourite house track this year no exceptions.

Also check Joeski’s epic 9 minute remix of Dave Seaman’s Virgo Ryzin on the excellent Selador label.

Joeski is on a run of good form. Ride the wave.



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