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Jeff Mills Unveils New Album



It’s no secret that techno pioneer and Detroit legend Jeff Mills has a deep fascination with space as evidenced by the profound influence the wonders of our solar system has had on the former Underground Resistance member. One only has to take a glimpse at the titles of the tracks from X-102’s seminal Discovers the Rings Of Saturn to see that this is a man deeply interested in space.

Thus it was not as surprising to learn that the techno legend had collaborated with one of the very few human beings to have gone into space in Japanese astronaut Mamoru Mohri for his last album ‘Where Light Ends‘ and has excited our techno loving office with news of a follow up album set to land this January.

Entitled ‘Chronicles Of Possible Worlds’ the new work sees Jeff continue to develop his sound alongside themes of space exploration and comes backed by a DVD and 22-page booklet. ‘Chronicles Of Possible Worlds’ will be released via Mill’s own Axis imprint and is the soundtrack of his recent performance art show late last year in Aix-en-Provence, France, commissioned by Foundation Vasarely.

According to Jeff the show saw him “translate scientific data of newly discovered Extra Solar Planets using dance, art and techno music,”  which for those of us not fortunate enough to attend the live showing can be explained by a  “Making Of” DVD and booklet. Colour us excited.

Check out the tracklist below:

Tracklist 01. Starlight Transmission 02. An Alternative To Earth 03. Solar System Context 04. The Gemini Pulsar 05. Searching The Stars 06. The Possibility Of Other Earths 07. Tales From Extra Solar Wasp 17B 08. Transit Detections 09. Lyra Constellations 10. Planetary Habitual Zones 11. Dreams Beyond Our Horizon



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