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Interactive program SOUND(ING) SYSTEMS launches with 1 day symposium


SOUND(ING) SYSTEMS is an interactive program to complement and expand Nik Nowak’s installation Schizo Sonics. The installation is currently exhibiting at the KINDL – Center for Contemporary Art in Berlin until the 15th of April. . The additional concept will launch with a one-day symposium and three live performances from 20th March 2021 – 24th April 2021.

The SOUND(ING) SYSTEMS program examines the history of the Cold War through installations called Lautsprecherkrieg (loudspeaker war) and Studio am Stacheldraht (studio at the barbed wire). It focusses on the surprising political entanglements of Jamaican and Korean sound systems. Especially in the events of the global struggle of two great powers fighting for ideological influence.

Nik Nowak is a Berlin-based multimedia artist who previously worked with Chicago footwork pioneers DJ Rashad and DJ Spinn plus sonic mastermind The Bug. He also produced under the moniker SCHOCKGLATZE together with Henk Heuer and Moritz Stumm.

Nowak takes a critical look at the use of sound as a weapon and propaganda medium in his artistic work. With Schizo Sonics he realized an extensive audio-visual installation with two monstrous sonic sculptures.

The symposium will be moderated by Jessica Edwards and features a variety of guests including Nowak himself and Hyperdub founder Dr. Steve Goodman, better known as Kode9. They will speak about ‘the role of sound systems in the vibrational delusions of sonic warfare’ on 20th of March from 12am to 8:30pm.

Following the live acts will be A War Of Decibels: Schizo Sonics live on March 21st from 8pm to 9pm, From a Whisper to a Riot on April 10th from 8pm to 10pm and Crossing Borders on April 24th from 8pm to 9pm. All events will be streamed live through the United We Stream channel.

Below are the Facebook links of the participants:

Nik Nowak

Kindl Berlin

Louis Chude-Sokei

Jessica Edwards

Seb Carayol

Sarah Farina

Endre Ketzel

Bodo Mrozek

Sonic Warfare by Steve Goodman

Hyperdub Records

Sasha Perera

Moritz Stumm


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