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Can you get in Berghain Virtually



Berlin’s Berghain is notorious for its strict door policy and for hundreds of people it can be a wasted trip, after being turned away.

Now, though, someone has set up a new virtual program, that takes the process to its most personal and gives you practice gaining entry to the club. Berghain Trainer is pretty simple idea, a Point of View camera walks up to the club, through its snaking queue where you meet “Sven” (not the real one), who asks you 3 questions such as “How old are?”, “Are you on drugs tonight?”, “Is this your first time?”, Where have you come from?” and “Who’s playing tonight?”.

Facial recognition software is used to analyse your body language on the levels of “anger”, “sadness”, “amazed” and “euphory” to decide if you make the cut. Then you’re either let in or sent on your way.

Head to Berghaintrainer.com to try your luck.


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