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House Pioneer Derrick Harris (Sleezy D) has Died.


Acid House pioneer Derrick “Sleezy D” Harris has died of kidney failure, overnight.

Derrick was a friend of Marshall Jefferson‘s. To get his recordings played by Ron Hardy at the club Music Box Jefferson used to give him cassettes. However, when Jefferson‘s work shift patterns changed he was unable to take down his cassettes so he got his friend Sleezy to take them for him.

Marshall says “When Derrick made “I’ve Lost Control” in 1984, there was absolutely nothing like it anywhere. A completely new sound that inspired clubbers all over the world, peaking with the “Summer Of Love”.

Derrick was the life of every single party he went to. He would always be dancing from the first song to the last every time. 

A campaign is to pay for Derrick’s funeral expenses and provide help for his family for difficult times ahead.

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