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House of Hustle celebrate 6 Years of Releases


It has been 6 years since House of Hustle‘s first official release.

The label says “We are extremely grateful for all the love and support we have received over the years. To celebrate this special milestone of reaching our 100th release, we decided to put together a compilation that really embraces what we have always maintained as the focal point of why we do this, the music itself.”

“With an industry that is constantly evolving and heaps of talented friends and colleagues around the world, we hope that our next 100 releases will help spread the love and joy that in the end unites us all. The level of inspiration we get from seeing you all pushing the creative boundaries is what keeps us triggered to constantly improve and become better ourselves. Much love to everyone! Keep pushing the creative boundaries, let the good vibes and respect rule the industry, and finally, make sure you all stay safe.”

We premiere Data Transmission favourite Papa Marlin & Bondar from the compilation as they release ‘Eye to Eye’. You can the whole compilation here.


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