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Henrik Schwarz announces new LP ‘Scripted Orkestra’



Henrik Schwarz has collaborated with the internationally renowned Metropole Orkest and its conductor Jules Buckley on a new long player titled ‘Scripted Orkestra’ due out via 7K!.

The eight track LP, which is due out on 25th is forwarded by the upbeat single ‘You’re A Fireball’, “This track is an anthem to all the people around us who light up our lives by being who they are and how they are…” says Schwarz.

“Some say orchestra music is dying, that orchestras are dying. I believe they are about to be reborn,” says Schwarz. “Computers and technology are taking over our lives; people have been hiding behind their screens, but there’s a yearning for more human interaction. With orchestras, the human element is undeniable. I think there are some very interesting developments happening in modern composition. It’s at the start of something new.”

1. Do You Like What You See?
2. Gygylili
3. You’re A Fireball
4. Counter Culture
5. Stratosphärenspäher
6. Algorhythm
7. Me Vibrate
8. Valid Complaint

A1 – Do You Like What You See?
A2 – Stratosphärenspäher
B1 – Counter Culture
B2 – You’re A Fireball
C1 – Gygylili
C2 – Algorhythm
D1 – Me Vibrate
D2 – Valid Complaint


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