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Helena Hauff Outlines ‘Discreet Desires’


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You may remember us waxing lyrical about the raw mid-80s spirit of Chicago acid house and early techno startlingly resurfacing via a young DJ-producer from Hamburg called Helena Hauff, whose Werkdiscs’ debut EP was a ferocious gesture of analogue defiance. While running the Birds And Other Instruments night at Hamburg’s Golden Pudel club, she has quickly built a fierce reputation courtesy of her sizzling DJ sets performed on vinyl, while recording on analogue gear, usually in  just one take.

Now,  she has announced that she’ll be releasing her debut solo album via Werkdiscs / Ninja Tune on September 4th. Titled Discreet Desires, the album showcases Helena’s love of ‘raw experimentation’ offering up ten analogue workouts that pay homage to a smorgasbord of musical subcultures, with everything from nu-wave to avant garde electro cited as an influence.

Check out the video to the album’s lead single ‘Sworn to Secrecy Part II’ below



1. Tripartite Pact
2. Spur
3. Sworn to Secrecy Part I
4. L’Homme Mort
5. Funereal Morality
6. Piece of Pleasure
7. Tryst
8. Sworn to Secrecy Part II
9. Silver Sand & Boxes of Mould
10. Dreams in Colour


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