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Harry Romero drops his ‘Afro Horn’ EP


Established house talent Harry Romero makes a standout debut on Rebellion with the Afro Horn EP, an impressive two-track release made specifically for Crosstown Rebels.

“It’s always a great experience when you set your sights on a certain sound and outcome when you’re in the studio. ‘Afro Horn’ and ‘R.W.P.’ were created for Damian Lazarus. I’m glad he saw the vision and signed them to his Rebellion imprint as no other label could have done them justice! ‘Afro Horn’ is a straight-up deep tribal experience framed around an African flute solo. I wanted to create a sort of beauty and the beast track with this.‘RWP’ is a bit more musically sophisticated with its moving keyboard parts and a real spaced out arrangement which gives it so much room to breath.” Harry Romero.

With an upcoming Essential Mix, Harry Romero is really beginning to cement his reputation as an esteemed and respected artist in the electronic music sphere.

Check it out below, grab a copy here.


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