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Hammer drops his ‘Ozone’ EP



Having previously appeared on Feel My Bicep, Optimo Music, Loft Records and his own The Hammer Hits imprint, Modern Magic welcome Belfast DJ and producer Hammer as the latest artist to their stable. The ‘Ozone’ EP is the Dublin label’s 4th release, following 12″s from DMX Krew, Duke Slammer and Armonics & Black Spuma.

Of three hugely individual tracks showcasing the cosmic versatility of Hammer’s studio, ‘The Ozone’, smoothly builds with spacey keys, satisfying squelch and precision-engineered drum work to build the tension. This same percussive intent is established on ‘Collision’, which soon blossoms into waves of blissful acid modulation, rich in sunrise melancholy.

Concluding the record in transcendent fashion is our premiere, ‘Electric Fields’ rolls out a distinctive, memorable melody built around the cross-pollinating landscape of Hammer’s analogue world, providing the subtle, studied euphoria he has become known for across both his live and DJ sets. Comfortably at home on Modern Magic, Hammer’s charismatic electro continues to evolve and impress.

Grab a copy from here.

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