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Guy Gerber drops his ‘What To Do EP’



Guy Gerber is a man who wears the badge of eclectic with great ease.

He effortlessly shifts through genres like switching up through a gearbox finding the appropriate sound and vibe for the occasion. He not only is a barometer for sound but is always ahead of the pack in terms of his thinking. Futurist & deep thinker but like most good things Guy deals in the simple. Simple ideas that work exceptionally well.

His latest EP ‘What to Do’ which came out on 2nd March is house most definitely, with it’s 121 BPM insistent 909 kick, lovely tight tribal-ish percussion and ragged hi-hats.

The use of the cut-up vocal from Raw Silk’s ‘Do It To The Music’ is a well-trodden path but it’s treated and composed so beautifully it works splendidly. There aren’t many more elements than an occasional piano and an eerie off-kilter pad. Simplicity works, this is a clean, cool and easy to digest track but it’s genius is that it is uncomplicated, slightly odd and even unsettling.

It leaves me wondering, as I often do when I listen to a Guy Gerber track, what is happening in that mind of his to turn out such an authentic and original piece of music In a similar theme, but a very different sound (and genre) is ‘What To Do’, an unhurried, house-tempo breaks track with a laid back bass-line, lush melodic piano riff and some marching-band snares. It’s odd simplicity personified but when the Colonel Abrams vocal kicks it, weirdly, all makes sense. Genuinely left-of-field and uncompromising in its nonconformity I would urge you to seek out ‘What To Do’ and listen for yourself. It will be divisive, no doubt, and brave to have it as a lead track but all the same, it’s a lesson in simple thinking, awesome production values and doing things the way you want to.

‘Hummingbird Blues’, the ultimate track on the EP, is another left-of-field breaks track, stitched together with genre-defying insurrection, a melange of rubber bass, blues guitar, piano riffs and ethereal vocals. It’s trippy and smooth as it is awkward, beautiful, intriguing and accomplished.

If you try and understand the What To Do EP you’ll be left scratching your head, instead let it wash over you and appreciate the beautiful noise.


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