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GutterFunk prepare to drop their first VA album


Legendary DJ and Producer DJ Die and his GutterFunk imprint are preparing to release their first Various Artists album. Set for release on 13th December this is a milestone for a label which has continuously gone from strength to strength over the past few years. The label’s ethos of ‘good-music-first’, whilst not being restricted by genre, has permeated with artists and listeners alike. The labels tracks have found their way into the sets of a massively diverse set of DJs – from the likes of Gerd Janson, David Rodigan, dBridge and Shy FX .

The labels first compilation album, ‘GutterFunk: All Subject To Vibes’ is an introduction or in some cases a reminder of what GutterFunk is all about. Style-wise, the album consists of House, mutations of 140bpm, Broken Beat, Drum and Bass, Jungle and Soul. The compilation is encapsulated by an archive photo from the legendary photographer Mark Simmons, reflecting the curveball nature of the album, whilst also paying homage to Bristol values of ignoring rules and tradition, which is embedded into GutterFunk’s DNA.

Artwork by Mark Simmons
Artwork by Mark Simmons

In true GutterFunk fashion, the album was worked on with a fine-tooth comb, each detail in each track was agonised over by the artist and then by DJ Die and Dismantle emphasising the importance of the labels first compilation album. The project is mastered by Bristol legend Joker.

‘GutterFunk: All Subject To Vibes’ is an album that prides itself on working as a complete listen when going from track 1 to track 11, whilst working as DJ tools when used as club tracks. A great way to end a big year for the label and celebrate the achievements of all the artists’ successes during 2019.

Today we premiere Fixate ‘One For The Floor’ which is a high energy track from start to finish. It begins with fast drums, synths and electronic sounds building up to a heavy subby bassline, the first drop gets you hooked!

Check out Fixate ‘One For The Floor’ below and pre-order the album from here


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