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Greatness of Saturn presents debut project ‘777’


LA based producer Greatness of Saturn launches his debut project, leading with the first single 777.

Inspired by the vedic astrology myth of Saturn, Greatness dubs this release ‘extraterrestrial intelligent energy.’

GOS shares ‘I wanted the vibe to be epic / intense but also soaring, like a sensation of limitless flight. That’s why you hear a lot of weird UFO-type effects in the background. I like to imagine and feel a visual or sensation before getting too far into the writing process for an individual song. Since this song is completely instrumental without vocals/lyrics, this helped anchor the song and set the direction in certain ways.’

As for the sound he was going for, he explains ‘So much of what you hear going out these days is polished to perfection with software, so I really love the warmth and noisiness of analog synthesizers. Kind of gritty, but also very listenable when you crank the volume.’

‘777’ is out now via Greatness of Saturn records, stream it below!