Google is the next name in SoundCloud buyout

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After Spotify spurned the chance to acquire SoundCloud in early December for $1bn, we all wondered what would be the next moves for Soundcloud.

High-level rumours are now beginning to bubble and being reported by Music Business Worldwide, that Google is very interested in snapping up the Berlin-based company – which boasts more than 175m users around the world.

Twitter (now a SC investor) was also put off from buying the Soundcloud in 2014 for the same $1bn price tag.  More realistically, SoundCloud could now be acquired for somewhere closer to $500m – and Google is said to be the current favourite. Interesting sidenote: SoundCloud hired former Google exec Holly Lim as its first ever CFO in September last year – namely to “maintain SoundCloud’s financial health and capitalise on new opportunities for growth”