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The Golden Boy remixes Catchment’s ‘Rapture’



Following on from the success of Catchment’s ‘Night Shift / The Rapture’ release, Eton Messy reached out to a few friends to provide some remixes of the tracks. ‘The Rapture’ was the chosen track by both remixers and the label said “We’re chuffed with how they turned out, existing firmly within the harder club world”

The first up is our debut transmission for today from long time Eton Messy family member The Golden Boy.  The second from bubblers Linier, who have kickstarted a new string of releases on Blonde’s brand new label Night Beast. There seem’s to be a lot of natter about these two lads from Leeds in the industry, so we are more than happy to have them involved!

Check out The Golden Boy’s remix below.

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