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Glÿph join Counterpoint Recordings


Next up on Counterpoint Recordings, Belgium duo Glÿph join the ranks with their latest release ‘Cohesion/Simple Phrase’ which drops on 13th December.

Glÿph artwork

Glÿph is a project established by two Belgian producers, sound engineers and DJ’s – Clearlight and Owl. Fascinated in music since their early childhoods, Glÿph began working together in 2009. Inspired by dark, experimental electronic sounds, Pierre and Lucas decided to start creating their own beats. From deep, dark, brooding drum & bass to perfectly well-programmed percussion experiments, Glÿph have always drawn attention with their unique sounding tunes. That’s where Counterpoint’s attention was grabbed by the pair. Their outstanding production skillset and an emotional approach to the “deep-tech” sound of Drum & Bass which couldn’t be overlooked by the chiefs at Counterpoint.

On ‘Cohesion’ the groove after the drop walks you through the whole track. You won’t be bored because something new is consistently presented to the listener – be it a new break, a new sound or simply unexpected changes that will be completely out of the box.

Our premiere is the flipside ‘Simple Phrase’ where we are taken on a completely different kind of journey. It can be heard in the intro with the low Monk Vocals. Then some heavy 808-Kick sounds drop in that underline the whole track and are placed in the foreground throughout. Next, we are put back into the old computer again to enter into the past of the electronic sound. Glÿph brings the dark and deep note of Drum & Bass in this track completely!

Check out ‘Simple Phrase’ below and grab yourself a copy from here