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Glasgow’s Sub Club Launches ‘Nautilus Rising’



Going clubbing in a new place is always a bit of a worry – ‘What’s the crowd going to be like?’ ‘What about the venue?’ ‘Any afters on hand?’ are all questions that occur to anyone who’s off their patch, but upon arriving in Glasgow – a city seems that takes its good times seriously – and having had various Glasgow clubbers we’ve met over the years talk about ‘the Subbie’ with tones of reverence that any long-term dancefloor denizen will recognise we needn’t have worried. The reason some places always get the nod is because they never let you down and with that in mind (not to mention some awesome memories of our time there) we can’t begin to explain to you how excited we are that Glaswegian techno staple Sub Club is launching its own label, Nautilus Rising on October 15th.

Aiming to continue adding to the rich musical history of the city, Nautilus Rising’s opening gambit will have a homegrown feel to it with Scottish producers Vince Watson, Lord Of The Isles, Alex Smoke and Stephen Lopkin all stepping up to deliver one cut each for the burgeoning labels inaugural release.

Preview all four cuts below.

A1 Vince Watson – Subculture Story
A2 Stephen Lopkin – Farewell G41
B1 Lord Of The Isles – XIT
B2 Alex Smoke – Straits



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