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Get your Track on Vinyl with new Crowdfunding Site

Data Transmission March 9, 2017

A brand new company called Vinylised has recently launched, it’s a crowdfunding platform to support both DJs who want certain tunes on vinyl and small independent labels that would like to press vinyl but don’t in the end due to the various risks involved financially.

Vinylised founder Craig was regularly hearing from DJ’s that they couldn’t get the tunes they wanted on vinyl, then either giving up or switching to digital. On the other hand, labels were struggling with the risk involved in pressing vinyl so were sticking to digital only. It seemed like the challenge, and the opportunity, was to join the dots, so created the platform.


By using crowdfunding: pooling money from backers (the crowd) ahead of the press, they use the familiar pre-order on the site, so don’t charge upfront, but collect all the details pledgers and then charge them at the deadline, only if the goal amount has been met.  The commitment to mastering and press is only made once the money is in, then its full steam ahead with test presses, labelling and packaging and fulfilment.

They collaborate with labels to set all the parameters of the vinyl product (weight, colour, labels, sleeve) and the retail price, so all costs, and therefore the profit that will be received, are clearly set out up front in a transparent process.

Go to http://vinylised.com for more info!


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