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French electro duo Synapson continue their video series with ‘Build Me Up’



Synapson aka French multi-instrumentalists Alexandre Chiere (keyboards, saxophone, beats and vocals) and Paul Cucuron (drums, scratching, record production and mixing) return with their follow up to ‘Hide Away’.

Their recent single ‘Hide Away’ caused a buzz in the UK with a massive dance anthem quality and instantly effortless French funk vibe combined with a suitably risqué video. The video, which we featured on Data Transmission had a crazed girl making out with just about everyone in a neon-drenched diner, including some mad pickle action.

We now premiere the sequel video for the French duo’s new single ‘Build Me Up’ in which we learn that the girl was, in fact, hallucinating and seeing her crush everywhere in the diner – the story continues.

‘Build Me Up’ comes on Synapson’s new album ‘Super 8’ out now on Parlophone France – grab a copy here.


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