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Free Download: Rough Fields – ZERO7411310518296 (YTAC Remix)


Rough Fields - Remixes (2011 - 2015) copy
It may be a bit of a mouthful, but our free download from Bomb Shop head honcho, Rough Fields, and partner in crime, YTAC, packs a punch too.

Taking ‘ZERO7411310518296’, a largely ambient and noise-based cut from last year’s High Time EP, YTAC re-imagines the track for a gritty dancefloor. Dragging its feet, ‘ZERO7411310518296′ shuffles along in a techno/tech house vein, still retaining the rough texture of the original, but now with an added dystopian haze of bleeps and clunks.

Out now as part of the Rough Fields’ Remixes (2011-2015) collection – which also features efforts from Marreck (aka Rejections), Isnaj Dui, Los Vampiros, Elias Linn and RF himself – you can download YTAC’s remix below or head here to grab the full release.