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Free Download: Emseatee – Kite


Emseatee - The Nostos EP Part 1
So perhaps we’re spoiling you today, but if we can’t do at it this time of year when can we? Our second free download of the day comes from Leigh Redding, aka Emseatee, and this time we’re going deep.

On the surface, ‘Kite’ is a luscious piece of organic house – serene, beautiful and full of subtle eccentricities. Delve into the track’s origins however, and you’ll be presented with far more interesting reasoning than the ol’ “I just felt like it” spiel.

Taken from Redding’s The Nostos EP (Part 1) – a conceptual work focusing on nostalgia and Greek mythology – ‘Kite’ is said to be the sonic embodiment of a particular memory, with “temptation and reflection” being key factors across all the tracks. It’s unsurprising too, that Redding is taking a greater artistic approach, given Radiohead, Aphex Twin and Nils Frahm are cited as some of the producer’s main influences.

The Nostos EP (Part 1) is out today via 8Kō Records, and you can download ‘Kite’ below for free.


01. Four (Original Mix)
02. Going (Original Mix)
03. Heath (Original Mix)
04. Kite (Original Mix)