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Fred P Drops Surprise Future Jazz Album, Sound Destination



This year has been one full of surprise as artists dispense with extended hype building PR campaigns and just drop releases on us without fuss or fanfare.  The latest producer to share news that they’d be dropping a new album with us out of the blue is DT favourite Fred P who has quietly unveiled a new future jazz LP titled ‘Sound Destination’.

Available to stream via his Soundcloud page, no plans have yet been revealed as to whether or not the eight track effort will see be possible to purchase in the future with the New Yorker revealing little about the work other than that the tracks on offer were “recorded a couple years ago.”

Check it out in full below.

01. Countryside Train Ride
02. Leaving You Behind
03. Where To Now
04. Dark Halls
05. Longing For You
06. Watch Over
07. Shibuya 4am
08. Something Beatless Pass


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