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Freakin303 launches with Barber & Friends EP


After the consistent success of Freakin’ 909, they wanted to bring the darker, bass-face inducing sound to life and with this at the forefront, they’ve¬†launched a new sister label in Freakin’ 303.

For the first release on the new label, they’ve come with a killer EP from Barber (and Friends). Renowned for his innovative originals, next-level remixes and outright floor cracking DJ sets, his playful yet sinister production is the perfect kick start to our exciting new outlet.

Being the accomplished studio freak that he is, with a personality that even an axe-murderer would warm to, it’s no surprise people are lined up to get into the studio with Barber. Suffice to say, this collection of music was born out of true friendship, a mutual love for the music, and a desire to get people dancing.

Check it out below!


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