Four Tet To Re-issue ‘Rounds’



London’s prolific remixer and DJ extraordinaire Kieran Hebden better known to you and me as Four Tet has just revealed the re-release of his ‘Rounds’ EP to commemorate the effort’s 1oth anniversary on Domino Records. Better news still is news that it’ll be packed with bonus features on a second disc featuring a recorded live set from Copenhagen from 2003. Having just recovered from a perforated ear drum sufferd last month this is much better news regarding one of our favorite artists. Check out the track listing of the re-issue below.


1. Hands 2. She Moves She
 3. First Thing
 4. My Angel Rocks Back And Forth
 5. Spirit Fingers
 6. Unspoken
 7. Chia 8. As Serious As Your Life
 9. And They All Looked Broken Hearted
 10. Slow Jam

Live in Copenhagen (Bonus Disc)

1. She Moves She 2. Everything Is Alright 3. Spirit Fingers
 4. Glue Of The World
 5. My Angel Rocks Back And Forth

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