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Fōrma delivers his debut LP ‘The Things We Are’



Fōrma has delivered his debut album long player ‘The Things We Are’ via Sleazy Deep.

The label said about him “After sending us, track after track we just fell in love with the pure musicality of Aaron’s music, the deep and emotional feeling it brought so we push him on for a long player album, a listening experience that seems to missed in today’s digital market. ‘The Things We Are’ Is a master-class in vibe & pure emotion, deep melancholic & dreamlike feel throughout”

Little else is know about Fōrma at the moment, there isn’t much online about him. Rob Made from Sleazy Deep said this about the project “I thought he was British, kept sending me tracks which I was like not for the label but just loved it, we were up to about 5 tracks he’d sent me – at which I thought. Fuck there’s an album in this (thinking kinda ninja tune, off-kilter but cool) so told him to keep going. It was later I found out he’s from Washington DC”

Listen to the album in full below or from here lnk.to/the-things-we-are

1) Again
2) This Particular Soul
3) Can’t Forget Her
4) All Around
5) You! Perfect
6) Dream
7) Dustin’ Off Today
8) I’ll Never
9) Closer To You
10) Flow My Tears
11) The Things We Are