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Filthy French combine with MAGNVM! on ‘Studio Gangsta’



Today, we have an italo-française connection for our first premiere of the day on an hyper bass tune delivered by Ciao Recs called ‘Studio Gangsta’.

For the Italian team we have MAGNVM!, a legendary figure in Milan’s club scene and a deeply routed producer with releases on Southern Fried and Birdfeed to name a few, while for the French team: Filthy French a duo of DJs/producers inspired by the darker shades of house and hip-hop. Born in the muddy banks of the Seine river in Paris.

They said “When French and Italians manage to get along well together, we can taste some truly impressive club music.  But please do not ask for a Prosecco feat. Champagne thing, ‘cuz we believe that the World ain’t ready for Champecco or Proscagne tbh”

Check it out below!

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