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Facebook Set To Clamp Down On DJ Livestreaming From 1 October


“You may not use videos on our Products to create a music listening experience … If you use videos on our Products to create a music listening experience for yourself or for others, your videos will be blocked and your page, profile or group may be deleted. This includes Live.”

This is only part of the new rules coming from Facebook from 1st October for using music on their products. These include Facebook & Instagram. As if it hasn’t been bad enough trying to keep DJ live streams on Facebook. This will make it much worse for DJs trying to entertain their audience. This could also affect you sharing your released music on your Instagram feed. Of course, unless you are using the ‘Audio’ addition feature in their new Reels feature.

The full guidelines go on to describe scenarios where bans are likely to be enforced, but the message is clear: Facebook is for sharing with family and friends, not for sharing music. Unless you happen to be big enough to get an exception to the rules for your commercial enterprise, i.e the big labels doing big deals.

So if you want to Live Stream, your best option now is Mixcloud Live. Their ICE License will allow you to stay online and keep streaming because their model pays labels & artists the royalites.


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